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“It would be great if the children in Ghana do not get lonely, and can receive love. When one receives love, they will also be able to give love. It would be great if these children, who have all the right to receive love, can receive even more love.”

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Kim Jaejoong and his head banging hair flips ⊙ω⊙

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Can we please take a moment to appreciate how calm and composed Junsu seemed during this performance… {Doushite/ Why Did I Fall In Love With You?} 

His eyes were closed for the major part of the perfomance, his facial expression was so serene (esp. in the 6th gif). Even watching it on youtube, you can feel his voice and you can tell he is enjoying this song, lost in his own little world. This is- without a doubt- one of my favourite DBSK performances and I think Junsu stole the limelight by being so peaceful during the whole song.